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What a stunner!

I don’t like to bang on about the weather (so predictably British…that and tea) but yesterday really was a stunner.  I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and what a difference it makes to how you feel.  I came over all domestic first thing in the morning, cleaning windows and scrubbing the patio…it felt so good to have the house opened up to the sunshine.  Then a Sunday roast…outside!  I had to keep reminding myself that it’s still only late February.  After my slightly worrying ardour for domestic chores ended the remainder of the day was altogether more restful and precious, these days are all the better shared, thank you. 

It was the first ‘West Country’ K.I.S workshop last Saturday.  I’ll share feedback (so long as the clients are happy ) and let you know what they think too. The practical sessions are always the most favoured…creating delicious (and healthy) things to eat.

Apart from anything else it is a complete privilege  to deliver enlightening and vital facts that many people are unaware of.  There is a plethora of  info available about nutrition and health – what to eat when, what to avoid, establsihing the things that YOU need.  Here’s one little snippet for you;  The vast majority of the population are deficient in key vitamins and minerals. (yawn – heard it all before.)  Fact. Why?  1) The soils are over farmed meaning they have a lower nutrient content than they had 50 years ago. That in turn passes on to the nutrient content of our fruit and vegetables.  2) Many people over cook their vegtables – this kills all the goodness – you don’t have to go raw just try not to go mush. 3) Most people don’t eat enought fruit and veg – it’s done to death I know but it’s also true. Even if you’re eating a healthy diet, consuming your ’5 a day’ and not boiling the ass out of all your vegtables you will likely still be deficient because of reason 1).   If you add all of that to increased stress, time constraints, less movement and broken sleep…you’re getting the picture.  This takes it toll on your body and your body’s ability to defend itself against illness and disease.

Adding in, not taking out

The vast majority of us need to supplement out diets but we need to choose carefully  how we do that and with what.   They key is knowing where to start.  Stay tuned and I’ll talk you through it.  For now though, muse on this;

“Fundamentally, it is not what we need to avoid but in fact what we need to include that balances us.” Dr Kate James

The K.I.S philosophy recognises that deprivation is a fairly rapid route to non success.  We all want to feel happier  and healthier (well, most of us do) but depriving ourselves really isn’t the answer.  We want to feel full of joie de vivre, sunshine and laughter and it is what we add in to our diet and our lives that will tip the scales.

Balancing foods

Who’s heard of  adaptogenic foods?  Bit of a posh name  - I knew the foods before I knew the term, they get called ‘balancing foods’ too. They bring your body back to it’s natural equilibrium – we know a bit about how they work and why including some (or all) of these foods will make  a difference to how you feel and your progression toward optimal health.

Take a look at the short article link below that Dr Kate James did for K.I.S last year…lots more to come on this but it’s Monday morning so we’ll keep it sweet.

KIS Adaptogenics (short)

Today isn’t quite as marvellous as yesterday.  That could be something to do with it being Monday rather than Sunday and not just the weather doing a 180 on 24hrs ago.

Have a great week and if you’re curious or have questions you can find me on [email protected]

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