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It is not what we need to avoid but...

Oliver Burkeman writes a great column in The Guardian called ‘This column will change your life”  last weeks’ was called ‘the two things’;

It endorses how little we take in when we’re learning about new things as well as our inability to retain much beyond the headlines of (especially) new topics.

It inspired me and helped to focus my mind – if you’re only allowed to impart two snippets of information about a subject you know well and/or are passionate about, it surely makes you stop, and think, and focus.

I thought about if someone asked me…what would I say?  What are the two things I’d want someone to know about me?  Hmmm, my mind immediately defaulted to objectivity;  it would depend on who that someone is, what I imagined they might be seeking or wanting to know. Damn and blast.  So easily done. I’d fallen into the trap of second guessing other people instead of just being true to myself. Or had I?  It is a different bag, is it not, the one that carries our own personal truth and the ‘truth’ that is the public face?  What if…they were one and the same. What if you could be ‘true’ no matter the subject?  Crikey, there’s a thought eh?

Anyway, I had a little think about what I’d want people to know about me;

  •  I take as I find. It seldom occurs to me that anyone might be telling me a fib or have anything less than good intentions. Naive perhaps but I quite like my own lack of cynicism.
  •  I love to talk – communication is my most cherished pursuit.

Some would argue that’s more than two, I’m giving it a pass.

I don't mind a bit of 'hopeless female' now and again...

As the year marches on I find myself  elated and slightly panicked in equal measure.

Lazy walks at dusk, picnics in the country and warm summer nights is a seductive, rather indulgent (and slightly delusional) thought (what with the great weather we always have in the UK). My panic is derived from how quickly the weeks slip by. I’m doing three triathlons in May and June – how much training do you think I’ve done?

Yeah, I led you to that one.  Very little is my kindest (to myself) summation. And I STILL haven’t put my bike together after the move.  Not that I was/am ever going to put it together myself– I might pretend to help but I’m afraid I would fail miserably if I were assessed against the feminist ideals of today – I’m an old fashioned girl at heart, an unconventional one maybe, but I cling to the values and chivalrous traditions that still live on, with both hands.  Alas, where is my bike fixing knight?!

A peek to the future

And so to more serious matters. I’m pursuing the opportunity of a radio slot.  Proper grown up radio – I cannot tell you how excited that makes me.  Give a little thought  to ‘my most cherished pursuit’ and you’re closer to understanding my difficult to conceal delight, at this dream becoming a reality.  More on that in the weeks to come.

This makes me a bit cross...

There was another article that caught my eye.  This time for less positive reasons.  The guardian again (I do read other papers).  It was about quick fix weight loss. Just the title gets my heckles up.  Ladies and gents, there are no ‘real’ shortcuts. It’s a little like groundhog day, or a hamster wheel  or the same play being  shown over and over again with different people playing the same characters. There may be new and different, even fashionable and absurdly expensive, radical, quick fix methods  but doesn’t it make you smell a rat?  Are you truly convinced that the ‘hype’ will provide you with the result that will make you immediately happy?  There is desperation and need. Fear and hopelessness. There is also expectation and motivation. Commitment and balance.  I realise that there will always be extreme cases but when radical solution becomes the norm we’d better get on the blower to Houston.

All the rage in Rome apparently and set to conquer the globe – what looks like a copycat ICU (intensive care unit), must have, fashion accessory come miracle weight loss phenomenon. Blimey…I’m surprised at the Italians. Perhaps the Berlusconi effect is worse than we thought?

I remain unconvinced.  If this were a rugby game it would be the  Radical Extremists Vs Balanced Fundamentalists.  Respectively (I feel) the hare and the tortoise.

This led me back to considering what the two things would be that I would want everyone to know and remember about K.I.S Lifestyle;

  • K.I.S provides affordable and results driven solutions for you and I to achieve optimal health.
  • We believe that; “Fundamentally, it is not what we need to avoid but infact what we need to include that balances us”

I’ll make no apology. There are no tubes. No gastric bands. No fashion accessories.

There is economic reality. Being the best that you can be. Feeling better. Healthier. Naturally.

Anyone see Horizon last week?  ’The truth about exercise’ – excellent!  Check it out on iPlayer!

Have an awesome weekend :)



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