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50 shades

I haven’t read about Mr Grey yet. I will, for now though I’m enjoying hearing everyone elses view before I dive in. One thing is for sure , love it or hate it, everyone’s reading it. Boys included.

…of Grey

As I sit here, the sky is greying over (did you see what I did there?). If I had the book, the persisting of water from the sky would surely encourage me to curl up and indulge , I’m wondering whether the British weather has inadvertently helped to drive the four million copies sold in the UK and its overseas territories – what else to do in the soggy UK? Oh my. She says that a lot I hear.

…of Green

But no, I have other more pressing matters to attend to. It’s market day tomorrow and more awesomely delicious chocolate hearts are required, made with love (of course) and packed with an abundance of super foods and deliciousness. Couldn’t EL James have included the unequivocal necessity for raw chocolate and green foods as a foundation path to the ultimate climax? I mean the cleaner, clearer, more well we are, the deeper we, ahem, feel. And the less inhibited we tend to be…get in touch, I can help.

K.I.S Lifestyle Radio Show

Or even better – tune in to the KIS Lifestyle Radio show this Saturday – we’re discussing Mr Grey and why 50 shades is such a winner…another Annie is with me (dangerous) she’s a psychologist, life coach and astrologer, I suspect our perspective may be different from the norm. I have deliberately based my input on reviews I have read and interviews with those who have read it – apparently I’m quite opinionated so I thought I’d give my show interviewee a fighting chance. It’ll be fun, you’ll want to hear it – I’ll put the ’50 shades’ podcast in the next blog…promise. Been a tad rubbish at blogging of late – here are the last two radio shows in podcast form;

Alternative health

Sarah Boudains Bourne has managed to embed yogic principles into a local school curriculum – its obligatory for the students between 14-16 to attend her tutorials – she sees 60-80 kids a week -unsurprisingly this is a leading school with exceptional results, imagine if every school adopted the same policy? I take my hat off to her. Awesome.


Dr Matt Sanders Phd is a diabetes researcher – hear what he has to say on this concerning and ever growing issue. He also just happens to be swimming the channel in the next couple of weeks all in aid of diabetes awareness and research. I have amazing people on my show!


Market day

Cracking on at the market, Eastenders eat your heart out. Not sure wheatgrass shots and super smoothies would go down so well in Albert Square but Wells market place is a different matter – the green stuff is my best seller – unexpected but thrilling! A real privilege to get to speak to the public first hand – I get all the talkers, funny that. Who saw the ‘men who made us fat’ last week? Some of the shows have been great but last week had me shouting at the screen. The presenter Jacques Perret tells us that an innocent smoothie has more calories than a can of coke…WHAT ABOUT THE NUTRITIONAL CONTENT? Geez don’t get me started.

Local stuff

It’s the Frome half marathon on Sunday and I’m doing some roving reporting at the start/finish line – headline stuff and an awesome excuse to chat to all the fitties for Frome Fm 96.6. Lois Lane eat your heart out, enter superman stage left. Ahhhh I’m coming over all romantic, its the sodding rain, it does that to me!

K.I.S it better

The full monty – K.I.S Soft and K.I.S Full membership will be seductively revealed in a matter of weeks. In fitting tribute there is a third tier to complete the trilogy, K.I.S Deeper, Oh my (there it is again.) Hold onto your hat for Mr Grey, KIS style…

Sending love,

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I have had no hesitation in making this dedication and it’s her birthday too. Darling Anita, we love you so much, Happy Birthday!  XXXXX

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