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Chasing the Easter Bunny

An unusual week for me.  I haven’t been feeling terribly well.  Struck down with a vicious ‘bug’ or food poisoning (I’m not sure) late Sunday afternoon and still feeling a little tender.  It was dramatic. Very sudden. I can’t actually remember the last time I was so ill.  At the very least I was glad my body did such an efficient job of getting rid of the trespasser  although resuming normality is still a little way off.

Spring a bunny hop away

It was Ash Wednesday yesterday.  The beginning of lent.  Where does the name come from? (I had to look this up).  Ash Wednesday derives its name from the practice of placing ashes – usually in the form of a cross – on the foreheads of those attending the mass, as a sign of mourning and repentance to god.  The ashes typically come from the palms that have been burnt from the previous year’s Palm Sunday. Bet you didn’t know that!

A spirited young lady

I’ve listened to lots of people debating what to give up (or not).  From chocolate and red meat to sex and cigarettes…lest they give in to temptation…Easter Sunday will be a celebration and a ‘fest’ to be reckoned with.

I didn’t watch ‘The Brits’ on pancake night but I haven’t been able to avoid the excessive media coverage of the talented Adele flicking her freshly manicured middle finger to the ‘suits’ for interrupting her acceptance speech.  She received an apology but honestly, was there any need? That’s one feisty bird. Obviously not nice to have your moment of glory ripped away but a little more (any) graciousness would have been a tad more endearing, don’t you think?

K.I.S in the country... mmm, yes please

Apart from feeling a little under the weather, I’m excited. The K.I.S workshops start on Saturday and I can’t wait.

K.I.S Workshops PDF

Already bookings for March…when you include a doctor (MD) as part of the programme the level on the  ’desirability to attend’ scale  moves up a few notches. The most rewarding thing is when people call you a couple weeks after you’ve worked with them and they’re feeling different. Not odd different but wow different. Wow I didn’t know I could feel this good.  Wow my skin is so much clearer. Wow I’m going to the loo everyday now (this is my favourite).  Little steps are all that is needed.  And remembering that;

“Fundamentally, it is not what we need to avoid but infact what we need to include that balances us”  Dr Kate James MBBS

Northern and proud

Carlisle has recently been named Britain’s happiest city. Bit of a surprise really, for the local residents too. This is only one of several northern city postcodes who are higher up the joie de vivre scale than their southern counterparts; York, Harrogate, Chester and Huddersfield are all vying for top spot. A good article in The Guardian attempts to establish what it is that has captured Carlisle this coveted title.

My own humble view, being a northerner myself, is this;

  • Northern folk find contentment easier to reach. Why? We make the most of what we have, however much or little it may be.
  • The north provides a closer proximity to and a greater vastness of nature than the relatively overpopulated south – that closeness to the earth has an undeniable effect on how happy we feel.
  • Northerners are not game players – they call a spade a shovel.
  • If you need help you’ll usually find it in abundance.
  • There is a greater (generally) sense of community.  A feeling of everyone pulling together and more of an ‘as it used to be’ feel.

I hesitate a little in writing this, having just moved south to find all of things that I’ve described, right where I’ve ended up.  Maybe I got lucky…or maybe my northern roots have taught me to seek out all the things I need, wherever I land?

Have a great weekend :)

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