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It's all good (mostly)

Apologies (again) for my tardiness…it’s been a while.

K.I.S Lifestyle Radio Show

First one done (it was a recording), next one’s live…yikes. The official slot is every other Saturday from April 28th always at 430pm – the show gets repeated during the week and I send it out to anyone who’ll listen. You can access it live online at ’listen now’ for live and/or go to programmes – talk – K.I.S Lifestyle.

Andy Baggott (author of Blissology – the art and science of happiness) was a superb first guest, a stroke of luck to have his confidence and easy manner right next to me, thanks Andy.

Feedback so far has ranged from utter disbelief that I could pull off something that sounds a bit better than ok to praise indeed that it was ‘like listening to a free therapy session!’. Better than people needing therapy after listening…yeah that’d be disappointing.

When I downloaded it for the first time I was red in the face before I even heard the intro tune…it’s cringe city having to listen to your own voice – like a good wine though, one hopes I’ll get better with time.

Have a listen…go on!

My mates

There’s a jingle to come…not only did the genius Mr Leak sort all the music out for me but the uber talented Matt (professional session musician, film pro and super duper friend) is going to do a special K.I.S Lifestyle show tune mingle, I can hardly contain myself! On top of that I’ve got a succession of fabulous guests lined up for the show (one of them famous…shhhh) all through introductions of friends and people generally looking out for my ass. Not literally.

I’m a bluddy lucky girl, lucky, lucky, lucky.


I managed to nab the .com for kislifestyle…brill news! Some random guy wrote to me and said he could get his hands on it for me. Unusually for me, my gullibility didn’t take over and the awesomely intelligent Matt (that’s web Matt) landed it for me for £90 instead of £5k…nice one, I like it when that happens.

Being happy

There are a quite a few little gems in the show if you care to listen but fundamentally, Andy anchors all his therapy to the concept of ‘feeling better’. Move towards things that make you happy and away from things make you unhappy…simple eh? He believes the notion is so simple that it eludes people. There’s a great section too (think it’s the last 8 minutes or so of the show when we’re talking about the emotional scale…in case you don’t know what I mean, have a look at the link below. It’s one of the most practical tools you can find to help you move purposefully towards bliss and happiness – take a look at it and listen to Andy and I discussing it at the same time, it’s one of my favourites for things you can do yourself.



I spent a long weekend in this beautiful city a couple of weekends ago. I’ve been many times but on this visit I spent time wandering around the city in a way I don’t remember having done before. I was staying at the recently refurbished Sheraton Hotel (they’ve done a fantastic job, it’s beautiful and a fabulous experience) thanks to the beautiful Sue Finlay.

Met up with friends all the way from Mexico and local friends too. What humbles me is how much effort people are prepared to go to, to keep promises and honour their words, not some times but most of the time. It’s when things are tougher that you find out who your friends truly are. Thank you.

A visit wouldn’t have been complete without a bit of RnR in One Spa – the showcase spa of the Sheraton. Whilst having a bit of sauna chill out I met the lady in the room next to mine…she was running (the next day) in the Edinburgh Rock n Roll half marathon – why didn’t someone tell me…I’d have done it!

K.I.S Full Monty

The ‘big daddy’ K.I.S website isn’t a million miles away now… just a few more weeks of burning the midnight oil and pouring over copy (it’s not my favourite bit). Can’t wait to have it all come together and show you!

Have a fabulous week!

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For Matt (musician)…how could I not? When a prolific, in demand, seriously gifted professional musician says he’s gonna do your jingle for you a blog dedication is about the least you can do!

Check him out in this interview, he’s awesome!

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