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Bring me sunshine

Get a load of all this fantastic sunshine…everyone feels better and the bikini has already made it’s first appearance of 2012, still March, what bliss…my cynical mind fears peaking too early but my natural instinct says no fear, EVERYTHING is going to be stunning from here on in!

Awesome news...

The ‘K.I.S Lifestyle Show’ comes to the FM airwaves (digital and online too) in May.  I’m ridiculously excited. The live broadcast will go out at the weekend and be repeated during the week – days and times are still to be firmed up but I’ll keep you in on it!

Lifestyle is such a great subject…almost anything goes.  I’m fascinated by how different people’s lifestyles are. For some, admittedly, their lifestyle is not a choice that they have made.  It feels like choice and liberty are becoming increasingly out of reach for many of us. The luxury of choosing how we live our lives sounds like such a simple thing, but it isn’t. It takes incredible inner strength and a certain enlightenment to be able to step away from certainty and perceived security to find a freedom and surety that allows you to be absolutely true to yourself.  If you can achieve that, the consistency of feelings such as optimism, positive belief, passion, happiness, contentment and love will be yours to own rather than dream of – it’s a beguiling and seductive reward.

The local vibe

Some of the biggest differences I notice are between urban and rural communities and of course, cultures.   I’m getting to know more and more people who are choosing to have less income in order to protect their ability to have options and to enjoy their lifestyle in a more simple way.  The ‘wealth’ of years to come will be in our ability to be self-sufficient.  In being able to provide our own food and energy within our home environments.  Some people are already wise to this, it’s important knowledge and needs years of planning and strategising to be able to achieve it.  Lifestyle in this sense is a whole other dimension and (for me at least) a captivating one.

Deepest Somerset provides such an open door for people choosing the option of a relatively stress free country lifestyle Vs a more hectic city one.  It’s been twelve years since I’ve lived here and the difference is incredible. The countryside is just as beautiful but the vigor, dynamism and purpose is a whole new feeling here and it’s infectious. There are two small towns that spring to mind…Frome and Bruton…they’ve both become such magnets for art and creativity.  Beautiful boutiques, craft shops, restaurants, cafes and innovative privately owned businesses are everywhere and positively thriving.  In amongst them there are small food producers who harvest the land and sell to the local shops within a 4 mile radius.  The closeness to Glastonbury (geographical heart chakra of the world) means a natural attraction for healers and fabulous health practitioners and a genuinely positive vibe.

Let it get under your skin

These are wonderful communities to be a part of. I’d have to confess though, to truly enjoy the community there is an investment to be made.  Not a monetary one but a one of involvement, respect and interest.  You need to put your arms around your neighbourhood and show you want to be there, embrace the local life.  If you’re sincere it’ll hug you right back, guaranteed :) .

Forgive my nostalgia but Don Henley springs to mind and his track ‘Heart of the Matter’  one of the lyrics;  “What are these voices outside love’s open door…makes us throw off out contentment and beg for something more.”  Isn’t that just about the size of it?  We always think there’s more.  It’s that basic human condition when we always think the grass is greener.  Those who discover early that this really isn’t the case tend to be a wee bit wiser to the cynical devil inside us that never allows us to feel content with our lot.

Spring detox

Part of brushing the cobwebs away is about having a really good clean out.  Have a spring detox if you haven’t already –  you’ll feel so good, there are no regrets to be had!   Here are some basic detox guidelines for you, created and firmly endorsed by Dr Caroline Longmore from Galen Naturopathic – Caroline is  (as is Dr Kate) a medical doctor who treats her patients from a balanced viewpoint in the knowledge that health is not one dimensional and getting to the root of the issue is the key and NOT simply treating the symptoms.

KIS detox guidelines

We did a spring detox workshop a couple of weeks ago.  The reward for me is seeing and hearing the motivation and the inspiration in the words and the faces of  those attending – here are a couple comments from the those attending;

“Thanks to you I now feel so motivated – a huge thank you to Anni and the team at KIS lifestyle for your enthusiasm and expertise: this is life changing stuff!”

“The day was packed with fascinating information – guiding us through the whys and hows of the detox process, whilst addressing the specific symptoms of individuals. You made us feel so special and the entire day was relaxed and really fun.”

I hope hope hope this weather lasts through the weekend!  Enjoy it and soak up that glorious vitamin D! :)

Lots of love

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