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Shall we raise a glass to love?

Forgive my tardiness. What a busy little time and what an awesome start to the year.  Lets get a little updating going on here;

  • I’m firmly ensconced in deepest Somerset  – cider, staddle stones, getting to know the locals and feeling very much a part of ‘it’ – Emmerdale eat your heart out.
  • I am a budding campanologist (that’s bell ringing to you and I) –  I really am! Not as easy as you may think – the bell gets scarily out of control but I haven’t pulled it through the ceiling yet – they’re the big ones that take you off your feet if you don’t let go of the rope (easily done but I haven’t disgraced myself up to this point).
  • My new location means I am a stones’ throw from the geographical heart chakra of the world (Glastonbury) who knew?
  • Did another 7 day cleanse in January – next one booked for July –it was a toughie but a goodie…more on that later.
  • K.I.S workshops start this month…Oh my.
  • Gorgeous friends old and new, helping me celebrate a milestone birthday!  Almost snowed in, very dreamy and oh so fabulous.
  • As well as my newfound campanology I’m joining the WI – ‘What is she doing?!’ I hear you cry.  Not so fast…these are a really cool bunch of girls, with a fabulous attitude.

Local Calendar Girls

It’s the second Sunday of the new year and I’m at the 10 o’clock church service.  This is a small village and if you’re not known, people want to find out who you are. A lovely couple in the pew in front of me turned around to enquire…as a result I find myself being invited to the local WI (‘Women’s Institute’ incase this is an unfamiliar term) the following Tuesday for their monthly meeting and a talk on “Blissology – the art and science of happiness”.  Great subject, my interest was piqued. The lady (Rosie) whom invited me said ‘Don’t worry dear, it’s a very young group, I think I’m the eldest!’  I said of course I’d love to come along.  A very young crowd (by WI standards) as Rosie accurately informed me and such lovely people.  We sang ‘Jerusalam’ at the beginning of the evening – as is WI custom – which immediately made me think of the movie,  ‘The calendar girls’. It’s a thriving community, around thirty women, average age early 40s and brimming with ideas, enthusiasm and camaraderie.  What a find!

Detox cleanse number two (no pun intended)

I did my second cleanse mid January. Crikey it was a toughie, there’s really nowhere to hide. The first cleanse was back in June last year.  I figured they would get easier, very foolish of me.  It is something akin to an archaeological dig, top down and (ahem) bottom up, so to speak. One hopes that the downward and upward forces will at some point meet, metaphorically speaking at least. What has and is becoming, more and more clear, is the inextricable link between our emotional and physical bodies. The ability to release and clear physical matter and issues relies heavily on our ability to let go of emotional ones.  I’ve always believed that but never has it been more evident to me than of late.  We all need to let go of the crap and sometimes it isn’t as easy as you think.

The joy of routine and normality

Since mid November last year it has honestly been mayhem. I’m not trying to make excuses but seriously, moving, Christmas, New Year, bereavement, full on body cleansing, ‘big’ birthday, travel, a new community, new people (some more exciting than others), own business worries and the self induced pressure to make 2012 really count.  Now here we are – mid February and I’m starting to feel a little more settled. Not sure what’s come over me but I’m getting back in the training groove (boy do I need to) and I’m feeling more organised, crikey, what’s going on?!  Truly though, there is some joy and liberty in a bit of familiarity and structure…I wouldn’t care for it as a permanent fixture, but right now it is silver lined and feels uber luxe.

K.I.S Workshops

They begin in two weeks…woohoo!  I’ve had my electronic and literal Postman Pat hat on to spread the good word – here’s a link to the PDF so you know what I’m up to;

There are three workshop ‘types’ for now;

  • ‘Fabulous…inside and out’
  • ‘Spring detox’
  • K.I.S ‘Starter sessions’

All of them anchored to providing the tools, the knowledge and the solutions to get you on the right track to reach optimal health.  Dr Caroline Longmore  (MD) from Galen Naturopathic  is joining me, along with Wendy Gray of Pure Skin Therapy – check out her blog too

I read a beautiful analogy recently about the five (so said) most important areas of our lives, the five ‘hearts’ if you will.  Four are made of glass and one is made of rubber. The rubber heart represents work and the remaining four represent family, friends, partners and yourself.  The difference between the two is the resilience of the hearts.  If you drop the rubber heart, no matter, it will bounce back. The glass hearts damage more easily and if you’re not careful they may even shatter. Prioritise the glass hearts, nurture them, love them, cherish them. What better day to muse on this oldest of pastimes.

Happy Valentines Day, with love (what else?!)

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