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"Stroke this, it's mink" Part Two

Posted by Anni Hood on: 10/01/2012

Hmmm, this is turning into Sex in the City, or to be more accurate, Sex in the Country (actually make that ‘lack of’ ) …perhaps we should explore in another more dedicated post, for now I need to finish what I started…

"Stroke this, it's mink" Part One

Posted by Anni Hood on: 03/01/2012

…was one of the best/worst chat up lines I was subjected to during 2011. The requested stroking was of a suited forearm. I looked curiously at the chap as he thrust the aforementioned body part towards me...

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A sassie Brit from the north east of England, Anni left to explore the world many years ago and has spent recent years globetrotting for both work and pleasure. Somewhere in the melee of culture, inspiration and joie de vivre, she discovered a great passion not only for sport, fitness and activity, but also a zeal for all things healthy.

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