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"Stroke this, it's mink" Part Two

Hmmm, this is turning into Sex in the City, or to be more accurate, Sex in the Country (actually make that ‘lack of’ ) …perhaps we should explore in another more dedicated post, for now, I need to finish what I started…and when you get a bunch of chicks together you can guarantee sex always comes up (no pun intended).

Split Farthing Hall

I gave a bit of an overview in my last post but feel strongly that there is more to be told.   There are many venues out there, some superb, some not so great but when you find a place that ticks almost all of the boxes it can be like finding a diamond in the grass. Why do I say that?  This retreat is anchored in reality – there was very little that I didn’t feel I could replicate at home and integrate into my lifestyle. It represents great value – the price of what I experienced was £485 but they have now extended the forty eight hours to thirty six – by popular demand – and there is an early bird offer for the next session on 9-12 February at just £485 for three days – awesome!

All too often I find myself heading off to a similarly named retreat with comparable expectations and having a lot of time to myself.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I have to be honest and say that I can do that any time I’d like. They agree with me, how refreshing!  What represents value to me is guidance, structure and feedback.  Put me through my paces please, sort me out!  And that’s exactly what they do…in record time.  So if you’re time starved and you need to shoe horn a ‘remedy’ of sorts into a long weekend, this is probably the most effective fast track retreat that I know of.

They do a range of courses:

Adventure for the Soul

Evoke Your Senses

Live, Love, Laugh

Fitness & Detox Kick-Start Retreat

The things that I see and hear that really speak to me on retreats like this tend to be the throw away comments that reveal so much about an individual All of our lives are fascinatingly complex as well as being utterly unique.  It makes sense, don’t you think, that we all have different centres of balance. Our needs are all different; being honest with ourselves about who and what we want is the best new start we can give ourselves.

Honesty is the best policy

I heard on the radio last night that Antony Worrall Thompson had been caught shoplifting in Tesco’s.

I’m sure this happens all the time but the fact he is a celebrity makes it ‘newsworthy’ stuff.  Apparently.  I liked the article in The Telegraph for it’s realness and perspective. He was dishonest and he got caught.

The real point I think, is that actually being honest with ourselves, is fairly crucial stuff.  I’d even go so far as to say that if you ignore that little voice that whispers (or yells) at you about what you really want or you close your eyes to the thing(s) you know will make your heart leap; there’s a likelihood that you may not be as happy nor as content as you could be. No shit.

Retreats like Split Farthing Hall (SFH) provide a wonderfully unthreatening environment  and structure to be able to work that sort of thing out.  Some people need that and others just need a nudge or to be inspired by someone further along the path.  Whatever it is that works for you I’d urge you to grab it – it may be the best thing that you do for yourself.

I do apologise if you thought I was stating the bleeding obvious in the last paragraph.

In the raw... again

The other very unique aspect of SFH is the food they offer.  Now, I’ve ventured down this  ‘raw’ road before but not in such gourmet style! Claire (daughter half of the SFH team – is a very talented raw food chef herself and they also work with another lovely lady called Lisa Simpson  The thing about raw food consumption is the dramatic and very tangible effect it has, not only on your body but also, your mind. Clarity of mind is a true joy and ricochets back to what I was saying earlier about being honest with ourselves and prior to that, gaining balance.

Entwining Rainbows

There isn’t just one route to health and happiness – it is a road of entwining rainbows (I wrote that with someone special in mind – you know who you are) that you must navigate to find your own exciting but familiar path, that will fit you perfectly. 



I’m fairly conscious myself about what I eat and find that the higher the nutritional value in the food I consume the better my senses work. Everything I see appears sharper and more vibrant in colour, my sense of smell is off the chart and my sensitivity to touch, sensuality and emotions is piqued.  It can be a breathtakingly amazing place to be and it’s neither expensive, nor difficult to get there.

I hope you’re having a cracking start to 2012 – if you get a chance I’d love to hear about it.

cheeky K.I.Ses,

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