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Keeping it simple is at the very heart of what we do, we love a nice chilled out approach and we know you will too! ( that rhyme wasn’t deliberate but we like it) Your home is the first place to start cultivating the perfect environment for your mind, your body and your inner self.  K.I.S at Home is a practical guide and experience to show you how easily you can create a healing refuge in your own castle – your own personal spa vibe, at home.


Our @home solution is about making it easy for you to really take care of yourself and make a habit of it. We’ll make it a cinch for you to experience high calibre guidance and therapy at an affordable price.  We’ll do it either in your own home with your best mates or at a venue that we call ‘home’ for you.  We know how tough it is to balance a hectic life.  That’s why this is our most hands on solution to keeping it simple in your own quest for feeling fabulous. We’ll show you the staple essentials for your kitchen, your bathroom and your living space and give you nutritional guidance, physical movement solutions and the best route to perfect sleep and balanced emotional health.  (see K.I.S Emotion for a bit more on this), we’ll also pamper you with massage, facials and anything else you want tailored in that we can arrange for you. 

Brilliant info

K.I.S is wildly obsessive about education.  We don’t just want to tell you what’s good for you, we want to help you understand why.   We’ll also give you everyday tips and tools on all the things we’re talking about.  [email protected] is about helping you tweak your personal space and fine tune your everyday essentials so that feeling nurtured and taking REALLY good care of yourself becomes second nature.

Why we are excited

The inspiration comes from our founder who has been in the five star spa industry for the last ten years,  she says, ‘...the magic is to adopt the same principles of spa into your own home as a basis for how you live your life. Your kitchen, bathroom and relaxation spaces can so easily become a sensory haven that give you as much if not more than an indulgent spa day -  but you get to enjoy it every day!’   Her intention was to combine pro active health , illness prevention and spa indulgence and make it accessible and affordable for everyone.  Now, we try not to be biased but we think she might just have managed it!

To finish

K.I.S will create a relaxing and educational day, evening or multi hour session of your choice that will combine a host of therapeutic experiences from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  

We only use specialists and practitioners who share our philosophy and who are as passionate about pro active health and supporting illness prevention as we are. 

The big deal here?  

Be real, be honest. Put your arms around the potential of feeling amazing and let us help you tweak a few little things that will likely make a BIG difference. 

Our website is choca bloc and getting fuller by the day with up to the minute information from our experts to help you become more and more aware (and excited) at what helps you feel super tip top! 

We’ll guide you in what to put in your fridge and cupboards and let you in on some secrets about how to turn your home into an everyday destination spa. 

Here’s a bit of an example of what we’re talking about on nutrition; if you make sure you have yummy (and nutritious) foods in the cupboard and fridge then that’s what you’ll eat and it’ll help you to feel fabulous and be well. The opposite is also true. If you eat rubbish you’ll feel equal to what you’re putting inside you -  you really ARE what you eat.

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