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“A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ.”

John Steinbeck

Feeling happy, contented, fulfilled and joyful are all states of mind that we rather like.  We aspire to truly live out those feelings and to know that if they’re not there now that they’re never far away.  Feeling emotionally well is as important as being physically well, eating the right foods and getting enough sleep.  The great thing is that getting one thing right always has a positive knock on effect on your whole and when you manage balance and harmony across all of those things…hold onto your hat, you might just surprise yourself. 

We’ve all got stress in our lives in one way or another but it depends on how we deal with it that matters for our overall well being.

What is it?

K.I.S Emotion is about giving you the tools, the inspiration and the knowledge to feel as good in your own heart and mind as you do in your body.  Or it could be that, for you, this piece comes first.

Relaxation, replenishing energy and taking a glass half full approach are key parts to good emotional health. There are many ways that you can take the reigns to move forward purposefully and positively in this part of your wellness balance.

It may be that you want to ditch a habit that you’ve been tussling with, you’ll find support in the shape of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) programmes and techniques to get you thinking and probably acting differently.

We're giving you some initial insights along with practical tips on how to be your own coach toward a life full of what you want and how you want to feel. We're also working on some exciting assessment tools to support and develop your own ability to control your emotional barometer.

For many people great emotional health doesnt just happen, you have to work at it in the same way as exercise or creating good habits.  The fabulous news is that as human beings we're good at forming habits,  both good and bad. Great emotional health is a lot to do with cultivating positive patterns for ourselves, repeating what works and sustaining makes us feel the best.

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