It is vital to keep moving  if you want to stay in tip top health, yada yada yada – we know you know that, just give us a minute! We also know that despite this knowledge many of you just don’t bother to shake your booty’s , get your heart racing or get those delicious endorphins kicked in so you feel sexy and fabulous!

It’s all about YOU

KIS FIT is about finding your own style of movement and physical activity.  It isn’t just about a fit body (nice to have)  but also about being ‘fit’ in our minds.  Breathing in the fresh air on a country hike, doing a run in the park or a session in the gym – they all count in our own quest for feeling nice and lively and ready for whatever life throws at us.  

For some of you high impact activity is what you crave. 10k in the morning? Bring it on! Others favour a couple of hours out for a walk or maybe a swim. It depends what floats your boat because if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it.

All round good feeling

We’ve got it all going on – it depends on what suits you and for now where you live. KIS FIT does community sessions tailored to customer demand. Weight loss reigns supreme at the moment but our guys and girls didn’t bargain for how great they’re feeling!!

What are we telling you? Get moving, it all counts and we’re here to get you lovin’ your body, and all it can do for you.

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