Alcohol can be hard to avoid. A lot of it tastes fabulous and it is a large and very accepted part of socialising (less so with smoking in recent years). It helps us to relax (that is important) and there are often confusing messages in the media that say some of it is actually good for us.

Having said all of that, the facts are the facts. We can't sugar coat them. 

"The more alcohol someone drinks, the more their cancer risk increases. Even quite small amounts of alcohol, around 1 drink a day, can increase cancer risk.  Expert reports have concluded that there is no lower limit of alcohol drinking where cancer risk isn't increased. "

"There is no doubt that alcohol can cause seven types of cancer. The more we cut down on alcohol, the more we reduce the risk of cancer. Overall, the risk of developing cancer is smaller if you stay within the government guidelines, about one standard drink a day for women or two for men
You don't need to be drunk to increase the risk. Drinking and smoking together are even worse for you. Not everyone who drinks will develop cancer. But on the whole, scientists have found that some cancers are more common in people who drink more alcohol than others.

Every year, alcohol causes around 4% of cancers in the UK, around 12,500 cases."

What is a unit?

A unit is not the same as a drink. Most alcoholic drinks contain more than one unit. The number of units in a drink is determined by the size of the drink and how strong (i.e. alcoholic) it is.

In many pubs and bars, drinks are being served in larger glasses or amounts, and many drinks are getting stronger. This means that you might be drinking much more than you think.


- a premium pint of lager, bitter or cider (5%) contains 3 units
- an ordinary strength pint of lager, bitter or cider (3-4%) contains 2 units


- a bottle of wine (12.5%) contains 9.5 units (just over 4.5 units each if two of you share)
- a large 250ml glass of wine (12.5%) contains 3 units
- a standard 175ml glass of wine (12.5%) contains 2 units


- a large double measure of spirits (2 x 35ml at 40%) contains 3 units
- a large single measure of spirits (1 x 35ml at 40%) contains 1.5 units
- a small double measure of spirits (2 x 25ml at 40%) contains 2 units
- a small single measure of spirits (1 x 25ml at 40%) contains 1 unit


- a 275ml bottle of alcopop (5%) contains 1.5 units

The above information has been quoted directly from the Cancer Research UK website


There are now many tools that can be utilised to support you if you wish to give up smoking. As with all things, your will  to move away from or toward something you desire is key to you achieving what you want. The power of your mind will be your strongest asset.

We know many practitioners who could help you in your quest so drop us a line at[email protected] and make sure you jump onto K.I.S Chat for some likeminded support and specialist feedback.

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