K.I.S Story

KIS is here today because its creator Anni Hood started to feel a bit fed up, slightly hacked off and massively inspired to do things better.

After years of working in the luxury spa industry Anni was getting increasingly frustrated that the best in health and wellbeing was reserved for the bigger wallets amongst us.

For her it seemed it was only for those who could afford niche specialist advice, personal trainers, spa weekends and the like.  K.I.S, shorthand for our ethos Keeping It Simple, was born from the desire to give everyone the opportunity to experience the benefits of high end expertise without needing a second mortgage or endless free time.

What has been created is a team of high calibre specialists, some awesome tools and a one stop shop for all the things you need to get you right on track. We get how hectic life is and so we give you what you want to know in bite size chunks to take forward yourself or to shout out for a bit of a hand. KIS makes it simple for anyone to take control of their health and how fantastic they’re capable of feeling.

We give you an inspiring combo of the right foods, movement, emotional balancing and much much more so we can deliver all the rewards you would get from having your own personal team of experts at home,  but at your fingertips instead at KISlifestyle.co.uk.

MY KIS, K.I.S QUEST, KIS FIT, KIS STORE, KIS EMOTION, [email protected],  - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - just like you.

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