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This membership means that anyone and everyone can relish the delight and the joy of feeling better...as fast as you like! 

This is your first base and will give you your vital stats lowdown and some actions to consider right away.

Remember this a free membership, tell your friends and family about it, yell it from the roof tops! We want millions of people to get the K.I.S feeling! There's so much you have access to, get involved, ask questions, make the most of what we've got for you - for FREE!!;


  • Vital statistics overview - K.I.S (Lite) Assess 
  • A snap shot of your 'My K.I.S' dashboard
  • Shopping lists
  • K.I.S Tips
  • Recipies
  • Fitness programmes
  • Awesome articles


Do yourself a favour and read the fantastic articles you'll find under K.I.S Food. Written by Dr Kate james, they're all about chlorophyll rich foods - what they are and why they're good for you.If you want an express route towards feeling better fast...this is it.  You'll find them here; Green Foods

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