The Team

Getting an incredible team of people together is not an easy task.

Having lived in city after city for several years, I worried whether, now living in the heart of the countryside, I would be able to find the skills and the dynamism I needed to take the K.I.S vision forward. I needn't have - sometimes, the jigsaw pieces simply fit and the things you desire come easily, instead of having to search for them.

Each K.I.S team player has their own unique style and expertise to bring to the table. All are strong characters, but playing to everyone's strengths, including my own, makes for a lively, animated and highly motivated group who are a true pleasure to be around.

Anni Hood, K.I.S Founder



Anni Hood - K.I.S Founder and Director

Anni Hood K.I.S team photo.

A sassie Brit from the north east of England, Anni left to explore the world many years ago and has spent recent years globetrotting for both work and pleasure.

Somewhere in the melee of culture, inspiration and joie de vivre, she discovered a great passion not only for sport, fitness and activity, but also a zeal for all things healthy.

As the visionary and creative force behind K.I.S, Anni epitomises the 'Keeping It Simple' lifestyle. When not immersed in all things work, you'll most likely find her pounding the pavements (or the beach) or cycling the coastal roads near her home – a marathon, triathlon or even a dragon boat race will probably be imminent!

One thing's for sure - it's all or nothing for Anni. No one does commitment and dedication better than this girl - whether for her own wellbeing or others, it is absolutely unmatched. And this incredible drive to pursue her dreams has led to Anni creating the K.I.S Lifestyle Group.

As an activist, life's essentials anchor Anni – courage, humility and truth. It is not just about business, but more focused on helping people to make progress and influencing truly positive life change.

Her own remarkable fervour for living, instinctive caring for others and devotion to sharing her own special formula makes her the best mentor you could ask for as you begin your own journey towards optimal health.


Dr Kate James, MBBS

Dr. Kate James K.I.S team photo.

Kate James is a Medical Doctor with a background in NHS Accident and Emergency and Palliative Care Medicine. After her daughter and mother's experiences of cancer, Kate realised the true potential of holistic and natural medicine, and how it can be integrated with a conventional approach. Over five years later both her mother and daughter, despite being given poor prognoses, have grown through and beyond cancer. 

She now runs a Internationally-attended Integrative Medical Practice in rural Northumberland. Instead of reaching for a prescription pad to issue drugs, she prescribes a different kind of approach, working on a number of levels to actually rebalance and strengthen an individual by addressing the root causes of their illness. 

She is course director at Newcastle Upon Tyne university medical school for the 'integrative medical' teaching option and this year began teaching doctors integrative methods. She teaches workshops nationally for health professionals and members of the public with a focus on integrative medicine and working preventatively to support optimal health and wellbeing.

She specialises in preventive nutrition, integrative oncology, women's health, fertility medicine, eating disorders and natural weight management and integrative primary care. 



Dr Caroline Longmore - Galen wellness centre Founder and director

Dr. Caroline started her career as a paediatrician in Paris.

After working for the humanitarian medical aid organization, Medecin Sans Frontieres, she worked in hospitals and private practice.

Her passionate interest in Complementary Medicine and Naturopathy led to extensive studies in Nutritional as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, including time spent in China. She specializes in nutrition, food intolerance, fertility, mental health, weight management, anti aging and cancer treatments, utilizing Acupuncture, naturopathy and Herbalism.

Caroline has been devotedly treating people using complimentary medicine for over 10 years, and continues to do so.


Fiona Collins – Spa Development Specialist

Fiona Collins team K.I.S photo.

Fiona recently returned to her native Ireland after four years in Dubai. Her skill at people management stand her apart from her contemporaries and she continues to put her considerable talent to work in a variety of roles.  Businesses are only ever as good as their people and her flair for uniting and progressing teams of people, trouble shooting and gaining the most from both individuals and business make her an extremely sought after asset to any wellness business.

She currently works with K.I.S Lifestyle Group on projects and spa development bringing her own special anchorage amidst the growing dynamics and diversification of the industry. 

Fiona concluded her time in Dubai with the Jumeirah Group as assistant director of spa for Talise at the Madinat Jumeirah.  Her prime responsibilities were for optimising profit and guest service delivery. She led a team of 85 people improving staff retention by 28% and retail revenue by 56% over two years.

Prior to this Fiona managed spas in London.  Namely K WEST hotel and Spa and Espree Health club.


Jane Morrice - Raw Food Specialist

Jane has always been interested in the transforming nature of good food on the body. She has been following her own Raw Food path for about 10 years, delighting in the numerous benefits from this way of eating, revelling in the guilt-free pleasure of eating natural food prepared in a new and exciting way.

She lives with her husband and two children and is a successful practicing artist and ex-primary teacher. She has held many classes and small groups focusing on easy ways to include Raw Foods into your life. Her recipes are loved by everyone, regardless of what they normally eat, and her non-judgemental attitude makes everyone feel comfortable with wherever they are in their journey towards optimal health.

Creativity has never been so delicious!

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