These programs are designed to be 6-12 weeks depending on your goal.

KIS FIT On The Move (OTM)

These programmes are for those who want to fit in a quick workout whilst travelling away on business or at home in their front room before going to work. For all these sessions warm up for 3minutes either by skipping, walking at a fast pace, a gentle jog or high knee lifts. Choose an appropriate level for each of these short session workouts - easy to remember; Level 1 - beginner - 3 x 30seconds for each exercise Level 2 - intermediate - 3 x 45 seconds for each exercise Level 3 - advanced - 4 x 45 seconds for each exercise Imagine it like a circuit of movements that you alternate between until you have completed your level. Keep pushing yourself! The minute you start finding it too easy, raise your game, you'll thank yourself as you start to feel and look better and better!

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