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K.I.S Assess is the only one of it’s kind. It’s a fifteen minute time byte questionnaire that shatters the myth that access to quality wellness expertise needs to cost a bomb.  It brings you the best of the best available in alternative and complementary medicine to give you the tools, the facts and the solutions that YOU need to be in the driving seat of your own physical, emotional and spiritual life force.


The right people. Qualified, experienced, passionate and bound in the knowledge that great wellness and balance doesn’t come by hoping we don’t get ill but by a wide awake approach and solutions that are simple to achieve, easy to access and very affordable.

K.I.S Assess is a personal treasure chest of powerful health insights and targeted advice for you to celebrate fantastic health and wellbeing.  We’ll tell you what you need to add in, deprivation isn’t our thing.

We’ll be with you every step of the way; giving you an updated daily dashboard of analysed feedback, delivered to ensure you have bite size chunks of essential info and bona fide solutions to move you up to the next level no matter your starting point.  

K.I.S isn’t anchored to one way of doing things. It understands the need to provide a choice of solutions that all work together. It is a highly qualified solution, every level of input is from an expert who excels in their field. K.I.S Assess is anchored to a powerful combination of both conventional and complementary medicines.

K.I.S Assess is personal – it delivers individual, highly targeted advice. What works for you may not work for your friend or your Mum.  Your own needs will be different to the person you’re working with.  K.I.S is about helping you find the right solutions to fit your lifestyle and what you, your body, your heart and mind need. 

K.I.S Assess is simple – it makes it easy for you to take advice and recommendations on board and to implement that advice into your everyday life.

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