Our K.I.S Lifestyle workshops are one of the best ways of understanding what optimal health is all about and how it can help you enjoy an enhanced quality of life. 

Fundamentally our workshops anchor to what we eat, how much we move, how happy we are and how well we rest.  We provide general workshops that teach and demonstrate the joys of great health and give you the tips and tools to be able to create your very own optimal health haven, in your own kitchen, bathroom and general home living space.

We also work with corporate clients.  For many of us, the time we spend at work is a very large chunk of our lives and our ability to cope with the pressures and stresses that it bestows on us can also have a high impact on how we feel in our personal lives

We run more specific content workshops that anchor to the following areas;

  • Detox and nutrition
  • Happiness
  • Illness prevention
  • Pro active 360 degree health

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