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    There are some foods that are a great for everyone. This shopping list covers all the essentials that should be found in every larder...

  • Earth

    Earth balance

    Earth balance is about stability and groundedness, clear thinking and an instinct for nurture.

  • Kale and Avo soup

    In the raw

    Maximum nutrient value, a sharpened mind, sparkling eyes and a clarity that is addictive are all common results of 'going raw' even if only for a short time.

  • Water

    Water Balance

    A balanced water element is introspective and wise, emotional, romantic and deeply intuitive.

  • Wood

    Wood Balance

    If the wood element is in balance it would be purposeful and entrepreneurial, creative, artistic and emotionally expressive.

  • Yin

    Yin Balance

    In balance, yin is calm, contented and clear headed - "the heart houses the mind...the blood houses the thoughts."

  • Anti Inflammatory

    foods that will help you reduce inflammation

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