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K.I.S is about you. We're all gorgeously different so everyone's experience of K.I.S will be unique. We've spent years refining an engine of expertise that's tailored to respond to what you tell us. Your answers to a series of questionnaires (KIS Assess) get analysed and drive a personalised catalogue of insightful and, we believe, life changing information.  

We combine both Eastern and Western perspectives and provide a wealth of tools to encourage you to pursue your goals and get the results you want. Tailor made programmes, boundless information and supportive networks are all their to get you feeling better than you've ever felt! The aces in places are (unsurprisingly!) food, exercise, emotional health and effective relaxation. It may sound boringly familiar but there are many many ways of making 'feeling better' much more exciting!

By becoming a K.I.S member you are taking charge of the most important thing in the world - your health and how good you feel. You're Giving yourself free reign to achieve your goals and be the person you want to be for yourself and the people you love.

You are probably a K.I.S Lite member already so you have an idea of what we've got in store for you! Speaking of 'Store' - you'll automatically get discount on product purchases by being a K.I.S Full member - it's a no brainer, you're likely to save more than the cost of your monthly membership!

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