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Why K.I.S Love This Product

This premium monthly membership gives you ALL you need to feel better and be healthier in all aspects of living.  Specifically you will benefit from the following aspects that are unique to the full membership with no access for anyone other than K.I.S Full members;

  • Life balance assessment tools  - developed by Dr Kate James MBBS
  • A uniquely crafted personal dashboard
  • Movement and fitness programmes downloadable straight to your calendar
  • Automatic in-store discounts rewarding membership loyalty

Other Info

This is what you get;

  • K.I.S Quest – a portfolio of assessed and easy to answer questionnaires capturing both Western and Eastern principles, vital stats, toxins and your elemental balance.
  • Personalised results and recommendations, shopping lists, fitness programmes, managing emotional health, toxins in the home, toxins within you.
  • Your personalised tracker dashboard – your progress and priorities at a glance.
  • Personal Food diary, calorie counter and food breakdown
  • Expert advice from medical doctors and leading practitioners
  • Community forum -  chat to members and experts about whatever you want to know.
  • Daily/weekly prompts for eating/exercise/shopping
  • Membership shopping discounts – save money AND reach optimal health.
  • An unbiased approach – whether your preference is for Eastern or Western principles – K.I.S showcases all avenues so you find the best fit for you .
  • Tailored programmes dependent on your needs
  • Economy busting and daily tips – money saving solutions and practical tips to help you find balance.
  • Referenced research tagged to your profile – no time wasting
  • Fantastic recipies – ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.


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