Dr Caroline Longmore

Dr Caroline Longmore MD

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Dr. Caroline is a medical doctor who started her career as a paediatrician in Paris and now has her own integrative medical clinic in Richmond, London.

She worked for the humanitarian medical aid organization, Medecin Sans Frontieres, hospitals and private practice.

Her passionate interest in Complementary Medicine and Naturopathy led to extensive studies in Nutritional as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, including time spent in China. She specializes in nutrition, food intolerance, fertility, mental health, weight management, anti aging and cancer treatments, utilizing Acupuncture, naturopathy and Herbalism. She endeavours to treat the cause rather than the symptoms of any illness or  physical /mental imbalances. 

Caroline has been devotedly treating people using complementary medicine for over 10 years, and continues to do so.


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An initial integrative health consultation with Dr Caroline Longmore will provide exceptional insight, direction and an individualized regime that will have you feeling better than you've felt for a long time, in record time!

The initial consultation will be for 90 minutes. Suggested follow up are two 40 minute appointments between three and six weeks after the initial consultation.

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