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Kate James is a Medical Doctor with a background in NHS Accident and Emergency and Palliative Care Medicine. After her daughter and mother's experiences of cancer, Kate realised the true potential of holistic and natural medicine, and how it can be integrated with a conventional approach. Over five years later both her mother and daughter, despite being given poor prognoses, have grown through and beyond cancer. 

She now runs a Internationally-attended Integrative Medical Practice in rural Northumberland. Instead of reaching for a prescription pad to issue drugs, she prescribes a different kind of approach, working on a number of levels to actually rebalance and strengthen an individual by addressing the root causes of their illness. 

She is course director at Newcastle Upon Tyne university medical school for the 'integrative medical' teaching option and this year began teaching doctors integrative methods. She teaches workshops nationally for health professionals and members of the public with a focus on integrative medicine and working preventatively to support optimal health and wellbeing.

She specialises in preventive nutrition, integrative oncology, women's health, fertility medicine, eating disorders and natural weight management and integrative primary care. 

Website:  www.DrKateJames.com

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An initial integrative health consultation with Dr Kate James will provide exceptional insight, direction and an individualized regime that will have you feeling better than you've felt for a long time, in record time!

The initial consultation will be for 90 minutes. Suggested follow up are two 40 minute appointments between three and six weeks after the initial consultation.

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