Stuff We Love

This one’s for sharing. All the things we adore from recipes and products to articles, books, tips, quotes and people.

They’re all things that we either use ourselves or that totally inspire us, they’re things that we can’t do without and things that, when we discover them, we’re just bursting to tell you about!

Why so good?  

All the fabulously sexy things you’ll find here will help you in some way, to feel better about yourself and to contribute to your ‘toolbox’ of solutions that will get you in better shape physically, mentally and spiritually.  We’ll have you in the K.I.S groove in no time and we think you might quite like being there.

Perhaps even more importantly, we want to hear from you and know what the things are that YOU love so we can hook them in and tell others about them too. 

You can also let us know if there are particular things that you’re crazy about and we’ll arrange your very own feed through to MY K.I.S so it’s all there for you without you having to look for it.

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