Dr Andrew Morrice

After spending much of my childhood in Somerset, I studied Medicine, and the History of Medicine, at London University, then quickly found myself back in the West Country after qualifying. Since 1996 main work has been as an NHS General Practioner, but I now combine this with a private practice in integrative medicine and psychological therapy.  

My interest in health and well-being started as a teenager and has provided the counterbalance to my medical training and career, and has led me to take an active approach to learning all I can about complementary and integrative approaches to health.  

I worked for 6 years at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, providing integrative care for patients with chronic conditions and learning a great deal about the interface of life-experiences, emotional responses and physical health.  I am also a qualified Human Givens Therapist: the human givens approach is a new and highly effective synthesis of brain science, the research evidence on psychotherapy, and a healthy dash of common sense.  I have also been working for the last 7 years with the technique of Cardiac Coherence, a simple and powerful technique for managing and directing emotions (which itself is incorporated in the Human Givens system).  

I look forward to sharing with KIS members what I have learned, and continue to learn, about emotional health.

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