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Learn to listen to your body… 

Our bodies are so often  trying to communicate with  us and help  us achieve a better sense of balance and well being . Sometimes the greatest  challenge for each of us comes in being able to understand the messages loudly  and clearly enough. If though,  we  are able to use a different set of balancing tools to  fine tune and refine our senses we really  can  learn to listen to and understand our bodies in a whole new way. We can enjoy an approach which centres  around natural solutions which work in harmony with  both our  individuality and our bodies  very own innate wisdom.  We really can  navigate a path through and beyond whatever health challenges we encounter." 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

"Eat Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Pauper."  It can be so tempting to just skip breakfast and have a salad for lunch and  look forward to a feast in the evening and then find ourselves wanting to eat everything in the fridge mid afternoon or early/ late evenin. It is so important to remember as soon as  we are up and about we need good sustaining food to balance our metabolism and keep us energised. We need to make nourishing ourselves a priority. Getting a good selection of foods with bioavailable  protein, combined with slow release carbohydrates and plenty of live enzymes is the key. ( Please see articles/ recipes on balancing breakfast ideas, the importance of bringing cooked and raw food together and the amazing edible algae and chlorophyll rich foods for more guidance).

By enjoying this way of eating at regular intervals  during the day we really do feel the difference.  Interestingly in Traditional Chinese Medicine we say that the Spleen is the organ which governs our body's ability to get goodness from our food and transform it into readily available energy. The time the Chinese recognise our spleen and its paired organ the stomach are at their most efficient is between 7 and 11 am...don't forget a good hearty breakfast to set your body up for the day, it will curb your desire to empty the cupboard later.

Did you know...

in the west we typically use 70 % of our bodies daily energy just in digesting our foods...

The Laws of attraction

Quantum physics teaches us all about The Universal Laws of Attraction and how they can explain all aspects of our lives. Ask the Universe for what you'd like each and everyday instead of what you most fear ... put it out there so your ultimate dreams and desires can ripple back to you!

The answers are within you

'All of the answers are within you already.' So often we search outside ourselves and look to others for answers. Try finding just a little time today to be still, quiet and contemplative...being by some water, surrounded by trees or walking by the light of a full moon might just find things seem so much clearer.

The personal mirror

So often what irritates us and frustrates us in others the most  is what we'd really like to be able to work out in ourselves. We use interactions in our daily life like looking in a mirror and seeing who we really are. Each and every one of these interactions provide a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and getting to know ourselves better! Next time you find yourself annoyed with work colleagues, close friends or your partner, take a moment and see if you can see things a little differently from how they first appear.

'Trust your gut feeling' Do you ever get that feeling you know something before you actually understand why? Always trust your intuition and inner guidance, it is there to protect you and so much more sophisticated and evolved than your thinking and reasoning body and mind. You might even find yourself not even needing to know why! Find out how to enhance and nurture what mother nature gave you.

Kindness and compassion

Take every opportunity to be kind and compassionate to yourself! Sometimes it feels really easy to be kind to those we love but are we able to extend that same kindness and compassion to ourselves? Is it easier to tell ourselves we could have done better or done things differently? Perhaps another way to look at it, is to treat ourselves  in the same way as we would treat others. Often said the other way around but many put themselves last to their own detriment. Think of an airplane emergency - your mask first before you help anyone else. That isn't selfish it is the enabler for you to show your kindness and compassion to the max. Look after you, it is more important than you might think. 

Express yourself

Expressing emotion is good for us. Having a good cry or shouting actually releases energy from the body so we can move forward more freely. Interestingly in Traditional Chinese Medicine crying is said to release energy and free the bladder and kidney energy, helping our emotions to flow and shouting frees the liver energy and is seen as a wonderful way to move forward.  Give yourself permission to be who you are and start today! The next time PMT overwhelms you try just being you, do what you need to do. There is so much to be said for the saying  'better out than in.'


Working towards self acceptance and loving  ourselves just as we are  is the perfect recipe for nourishing health and happiness for the future! Try writing down or choosing  ten things you love about yourself exactly the way you are. Then write down or choose ten things you'd like to work on. After that, pretend the second  list belongs to a best friend or a young child and give yourself the guidance and advice you'd give to them. Can you follow it for you?

An open heart and mind

Sometimes new ideas  and concepts can seem strange to us but by being open and receptive we give ourselves incredible opportunities to learn. There is a story of an eminent Western science professor at the top of his international field  who visited a monastery high in the Tibetan Hills. As he arrived he was offered a cup of tea. He then spent a considerable time trying to tell the monks all about his research and knowledge. At dusk many hours later the tea cup was still full and very cold and he was  asked to pour it away down the drain . This was to symbolise the emptying of his current mind in anticipation for receiving a very different kind of knowledge and knowing.


When you feel tearful or grumpy do you always find yourself asking why? We don't have to understand why we feel an emotion to move through it and let it go . So often we try to intellectualise how we feel and ask ourselves why we can't pull ourselves together. Interestingly completely different parts of our  brain deal with how we process  emotions and reasoning. Maybe today you could just try something different. Try being  present with an emotion, accept it as how you truly feel at that time and give yourself permission to feel it rather that pushing it away. Once we stop telling ourselves we shouldn't or mustn't be, or feel a certain wa,y we take away the power of judgement and stop using our energies  to try and be something or someone we are not We really can be so much more free by being who we really are without ever having to understand why!

Problems become opportunities

Transform your 'problems' into opportunities!  Sometimes moving forward in life comes with knowing ourselves really well.  The next time you feel stuck in a rut and unable to move forward try challenging your perception of a situation. Turn it on its head and try to see it differently. Turn what could be a negative into a positive opportunity. By taking a different approach to the one you might be tempted into could mean finding an 'impossible' situation actually led you to tremendous opportunity! For more inspiration.

'We can only give what we have learnt to receive'

Do you find you are very good at giving time and energy to everyone around you except yourself. So often we give to our family, friends and work and we find ourselves feeling drained, exhausted  and frustrated.  What if today you could try something different and take lots of opportunities to give nurture to yourself first and foremost, inspiring those around you to do the same. That gives you more energy for everyone!

'It's all about what we add in not what we ought to avoid or take away !'

When we add in a multitude of high life force adaptogenic foods like edible algae, chlorophyll rich blends and raw juices it is as if we are instinctively guided towards exactly what our bodies need on so many different levels! They help to balance our emotions, food choices, sleep patterns and even our exercise choices.  Lifestyle choices  don't have to centre around what we ought to avoid or take away. Trust in these amazing  natural  foods  to take you back each and every time  to exactly where you need to be.... so starting from today you  can enjoy a much more balanced way of being! ( You might like to see the article on the amazing edible algae)

'Always be true to yourself'

Do you find yourself  often saying to others  "that's Ok", "yep no problem" when really it is? It can be  easy to honour  the needs and desires of others above our own . Each time we do this we are sending out the message to our body  that other  people's  feelings and needs are more important than our own. Over time our body recognises this pattern of being and can tell us in many different ways it  isn't happy, sometimes this can even be through illness. So if you catch yourself getting that feeling in your gut that actually  "it's not Ok" or "it is a problem" trust it, honour it and let it always  guide you towards choices which respect and honour you and your amazing body first and foremost. Contrast how much better you feel when you are able to assert what you really need to say or do and stand steadfast!

‘Do you often feel the onus is on you to solve a problem?’

Often we can find ourselves thinking over and over the same problem from many different angles and just tying ourselves in knots getting more and more confused . Things often seem so much more unclear the more we think! traditional Chinese wisdom teaches us, ‘ Yield to overcome’... Often it can be when we stop fixating, thinking and trying to actively change matters that they are able to just transpire as they will. Maybe next time you feel really stuck try surrendering or handing the ‘problem’ over to the universe, whatever or whoever you believe is out there.







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